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【影片名称】:潮湿的梦 Wet Dreams (1985)

简介: In a chic restaurant, a newlywed and her promiscuous girlfriend (Cody Nicole and Rene Summers) indulge in a lot more than lunch when their sensuous Wet Dreams, involving the unsuspecting patrons, set off an explosion of outrageous sexual fantasy. First, a hard-muscled waiter is the ‘main course’ in a torrid sex daydream that the two women devour eagerly. Then Kelly Nichols is the object of the next fantasy as a stage becomes a showcase for a very erotic ‘feather job.’ In the bar, Joey Silvera isn’t having much luck with the ladies. But when Cody and Rene give him two hot sex-episodes – Joey really scores big. So make a reservation for lunch today – you too can play the Wet Dreams game. But don’t be surprised if the other guests give you some very knowing looks.

在别致的餐厅里,新婚和滥交女友 (科迪妮可和雷内 · 萨默斯) 沉溺在很多比午餐时他们感性的梦遗,涉及不知情的食客,引爆无耻的性幻想。首先,硬挤的服务员是主要课程这两个女人急切地吞噬的火热性爱白日梦。然后凯利尼科尔斯是下一个幻想的对象,随着舞台展示很色情 '羽毛工作'。栏中的乔伊锡不走运与夫人。但当科迪和雷内给他两个热性乔伊真的大的分数。预订午餐今天 — — 这么做你也可以玩湿梦游戏。但如果其他客人给你一些非常知道看起来不要感到惊讶。



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